Rufus & Murdog is the best online, children’s store in Canada. They sell one of a kind, unique products as well as premium indie brands and fantastic creations from the great white North. They came to us in a rush to put together an e-commerce website that would portray their style and branding in a minimal but efficient way.

Rufus & Murdog wanted their e commerce based on Shopify, although they already knew WordPress quite well. They were attracted to the simplicity of sales that Shopify offers. Shopify can be restricting when it comes to unique page layouts and ease of updating these pages. We decided to build the website on WordPress and use Shopify for the e commerce side of things. We strived to make the process as seamless as possible so their customers would not notice it’s actually two websites merged into one. The outcome was fantastic and sales have been better than expected.

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We had the best experience with the Voltage New Media team. Our new site is even better than we'd imagined and we've had nothing but positive feedback from all our customers

Ana-Maria Klizs, Owner