5 Of the best websites and free online tools for web & graphic designers – Part I:

I am going to try to start blogging more, and I hope to do this series at least once a month since I have over 100 bookmarks of great resources and free tools for web designers that I have collected over the years.

Im sure if you are a web or graphic designer you have heard of some of these, hopefully I will post some new ones for you. I use all of these links on a weekly basis.

Feel free to share your favorite sites/tools by commenting below!

Best Free Online Invoicing | Billing Boss

billing boss

I Have tried at least half a dozen online billing services, then I found Billing Boss, which I signed up on and have been using for 2 years. Nice thing is it has a mobile version of the page so you can send and review invoices on the go. It is also free but is very basic. It has all you really need if you don’t mind your invoices not being super ‘pretty’ and best of all there is no upgrade feature so everything comes with it.  You can customize your email, add a business logo, and choose from a number of invoice templates and best of all you can download the invoices as .pdf or even have them attached to the email, which gets sent to your client with the online invoice link.


Best site to find free fonts | DaFont

da fontThere are hundreds of free font sites online. I still find my self using DaFont all the time, they have many awesome fonts on there for all purposes, the live preview is also a nice feature that allows you to preview your text in the various fonts without downloading it. The sub categories are all setup nicely so you can find just the font you want for your next logo or branding project. Organized from Top 100, Fancy, Foreign Look, Techno, Bitmap, Gothic, Basic, Script, Dingbats, and Holiday font categories each with up to 20 sub categories it makes finding the perfect font easy.


Another great font site, but its not to find fonts | Wordmark.it

wordmark Cant remember what fonts are on your computer? Wish you could preview them all easily?

If you are like me, I download fonts on a regular basis per project that I am working on. I always remember the name of my favorites but sometimes I cant quite remember the name of a font that I am looking for…that I know I have…somewhere?! Wordmark.it is great for this, what it does is loads up all the fonts on your computer and displays them, but the best part is you can type what ever you want and it will generate a preview with all the fonts loaded on your computer. Awesome eh?


The best 100% Free .PSD Graphics, Backgrounds and Patterns | psdgraphics.com

psd graphicsAgain there are hundreds of sites for free graphic work, but psdgraphics.com has to be one of the best.
ALL of the submissions are quality, modern web 2.0 look, properly layered in photoshop. Best of all its free, lots of the graphics on here are awesome, the best part is they are easily modified because they come in a complete photoshop file ready to go.

I can spend all day on this site.


Best SEO Tool to check your google position | tools4google.com

google positionI have a entire folder of SEO sites and tools but this is one that is on my bookmark toolbar because I use it daily. There are many other sites that do the same thing, but in my opinion not as well as tools4google.com. If you have been working on SEO you can see how you are doing quickly and easily. This tool will display where your sites position sits on googles results.

All you have to do is type in the URL, and Keyword that you are targeting, you can also select other features like Geo Target (Canada etc). The only downfall is it only allows you to do 3 searches a day. But another awesome feature is it stores your previous searches so you can see how the site is climbing the google results.


Well that’s it for this week, I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket (HAPPY EASTER btw) so check back next week, or follow me on twitter to keep up to date on MY LIST of the best websites and free online tools for web & graphic designers.

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