Must See HTML5 Examples Web Design HTML5 Animation vs Flash

Must See: HTML5 Web Design Animation Examples HTML5 vs Flash

There are thousands of HTML5 blog posts out there, I didn’t just want to post html5 websites I wanted to post ones that are simply amazing and unique. Each has its own style and I wanted to post the variety of animation styles that are available with HTML5.

If your like me, and dont like flash at all (hate it almost as much as IE) I’m sure your eager to see what can be done for web design with HTML5 and CSS3.

I have gathered a few sites that I think are visually incredible…enjoy and be sure to share!

iPoe Collection
Great HTML5 Lighting Animation

I find the lighting effects off the candle on this website stunning, it adds so much to such a basic site and really sets it apart and makes it what it is.

The Art of Flight
Awesome HMTL5 Scrolling Animation Effects

Not only is this the best snowboarding video I have seen their website is pretty cool as well, it has all the awesome HTML5 scrolling effects you could ever imagine, check it out its a must see!

Ben The Bodyguard
HTML5 Interactive Animation
html5 animation ben the bodyguard

This is one the coolest ‘html5′ sites I have seen, its interactive animation that really shows what you can do with html5/css3. When I first saw this I could of sworn it was flash…
Awesome flash like website, interactive and highly animated HTML5 website

Again here is another example of a awesome HTML5 website, there are many sites like this out there but they are all FLASH its cool to see a fully animated website all flash-less!

Digital Hands
Animated HTML5 Mouse-over effects
digital hands

This is a nice clean portfolio site, I really like the way they used HTML5 here its clean and simple and adds some ‘pop’ and uniqueness to the site. Nothing overboard, simple and clean.

Nike – A Better World
Stunning HTML5 Scrolling Effects 
nike html5 site

This is probably the first HTML5 site I saw and I still think its amazing, lots have attempted this “scrolling html5 animation” but I still dont think anyone has nailed it this good. This is a must see.

Lamborghini Aventador
Scrolling HTML5 Effects and Mouse Overs
aventador html5

This site has a little bit of everything in it, a good example of a ‘simpler’ html5 style site. I love this site probably because the Lamborghini stands out so well on the black background, couldn’t of done it better in my opinion.

Moods of Norway
Flash Style HTML5 Website
moods of norway

Here is another flashlike HTML5 website, the backgrounds are very unique and work well with the styling.

Falling Leaves
Clean and simple HTML5 animation effect
html5 falling leaves animation

Super simple but it works, for a mini site or a landing page (if you still use those) why not use an effect like this rather then flash.

Well thats it, if you like what you saw please comment and share!


9 Responses to "Must See HTML5 Examples Web Design HTML5 Animation vs Flash"

  1. Looks good, thanks for the great web design examples!

  2. Awesome collection and websites. loved em

  3. Good collection. Some are just using simple jQuery plug-ins and have nothing to do with “HTML5″.

  4. very awesome collection and nice piece of information regarding html5, we can implement many creative things with html5, i really enjoy this post.

  5. If you think these are great, check out!

  6. Great examples! How did they do them? I also would like to make these kind of videos. However, I’m still a beginner. Do you know any tool that could help me create a video like this?

  7. Yes, they are nice! Still it’s where Flash was 10 years ago.

  8. Loved the examples you gave, brilliant!

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