Free $75 Google Adwords Credit Voucher Code 2013

Adwords Credit Coupon Code Voucher

New 2013 Adwords/Adsense Coupon Credit Promotion Codes (Valid as of Jan 1, 2013)

Google is at it again giving out a free $75 credit for adwords/adsense. Get a free credit added to your new account by signing up with the link below.

For your credit voucher just follow this link:

I believe this is valid in the US and Canada only. You should see this page (screen-shot) when you go there. If its not working for you please leave a comment & note your country.

You can setup multiple accounts for each campaign that you are running, so feel free to setup a few accounts to take advantage of the $75 credit which will automatically be attached to your new adwords account if you follow the link above.

*10 x $100 Codes* as of Feb 8th 2013:


Sorry all the above codes have been used up, I post them from time to time so please check back, or if anyone has codes to offer feel free to contact me. I should have some more up before the end of February 2013.

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If you have coupon codes please feel free to post them in the comments below and I will put them up here.

125 Responses to "Free $75 Google Adwords Credit Voucher Code 2013"

  1. FREE AdWords Coupon $100

  2. Hi! I’ve been trying this affiliate marketing thing for a year and have not made one dime. I’m 60 years old, my husband and I have lost our business and life savings, even our cars and house. He became very ill, and is now ok. We are starting life over from scratch this late in life, and I absolutely must find a way to create an income (I’m overqualified and too old for the employment in my field and have been trying to get a job for 2 years – did work for minimum wage for a couple of months – geez!) Anyhow, if you will consider me for one of your gifts of google Adwords coupon, I would be very grateful.

  3. Thanks for this information regarding Adwords management voucher.But in your detail you have mentioned that it will be applicable only on CA or US.How can i get profit for my campaign.Pls reply me i am waiting your ans.

  4. It depends on what country you are from, if you fill out the form generally they will still contact you and offer you a intro deal.

  5. 75 $ voucher BQCL-TD22-AP69-J5GJ-YVG

  6. ur site is cool
    ur posts n coupons its supporting
    send me a adword coupon

  7. i have been working my butt of for the last week doing ever thing to try to get traffic to my sites and nothing it got to the point i have not slept in 3 days trying to make this work for me and my family i am 34 and on disabilty and that don’t pay the bills really so i need some more in come for me and 2 kids that is why i am asking for help and trying to get a credit voucher code i need to make some money soon to help get my family back on its feet thank you for reading this and have a nice day

  8. Nice blog, always nice see people helping each other! I am looking forward to new Adwords codes.

  9. No, you should be charging your client for setting up PPC there is a big market for it.

  10. If anyone has one they aren’t using I wasnt to give the conversion-focused stuff a try.

  11. Any more codes?

  12. i have a charitable oraganization which is working for those children who can’t afford primary health care.
    thatswhy i need credit to get donations for that charity.

  13. Codes were posted last week.

  14. Here is a site with another free coupons.. They are all $100

  15. Here is a $75 Adwords credit… I had 5 of them.

  16. Thanks so so much. Am grateful for this codes

  17. not working bro can any one send me please

  18. i’ve tried some of them to promote my website : and they were fantastic…i can see how you can profit from adwords now and will be buying my own credit soon…thanks for the coupons :-)

  19. Does anyone have another free code? I’d love to try this for my business.


  20. RRYY-609X-V72X-Y75K 45TF-T0KJ-VM0Y-84X7

    Facebook Coupon

  21. 6WJWG-K93M7-DYXT

  22. Free 75$ coupon
    use it with US/can billing address,
    expiry on 26 sep 12, so use it before that,

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