Free 2 Year GoDaddy Auctions Membership & 99 cent .ca domains

Free GoDaddy Coupon / Promo Codes

Get a free 2 year GoDaddy Auctions Membership

free godaddy coupon code

I have another two freebies for everyone first off is a code for GoDaddy Auctions where you can Buy or Sell registered domain names. Not sure how long this will be valid for so sign up asap! Yes I know you might be (and probably are) on the same boat as me when you hear “godaddy” you probably cringe but you cant beat free!

GoDaddy Auctions is the place to go for great domain names that are expiring or have been put up for auction. GoDaddy Auctions makes it easy to get the domain name you have been looking for or it can be used to sell your domains.

1) Go to:

2.) Click Join Now

3.) Select 2 years: $4.99/year > Add to cart

4.) Enter GoDaddy promo code / coupon code “FREETDNAM” at check out.

GoDaddy .ca Coupon Promo Code

.CA Domain Name Coupon Code

GoDaddy .ca Coupon Promo Code

GoDaddy .ca Coupon Promo Code

The 2nd freebie I have to share is GoDaddy’s  .99 cent domain sale for .CA domain names. So to my fellow Canadians if you’ve been meaning to register some domain names the time is now.

1) Go to:

2.) Enter the domain name you want to purchase

3.) Select .ca

4.) Enter GoDaddy promo code / coupon code “CADEAL” at check out.

Note: GoDaddy will try to sell you a few pages of “addons” ignore these, they are all over priced and not necessary!

Enjoy. Stay tuned for more freebies and coupon codes!


$1.00 GoDaddy domain name – Code is PRESIDENT

GoDaddy Coupons for $7.49 Domains

cjc749fat (exp 3/31/11)
NEW3 (renewals too)
UKPS412 new and renewals

GoDaddy Promo Codes for % of savings

cjcfat10 – 10% off (exp 3/31/11)
cjcfat20h – 20% off shared hosting (exp 3/31/11)
NEW1 – 10% off whatever
cjcfat75 – 15% off $75 (exp 3/31/11)
gdd1101c – 10% off any order of $40 or more
promo10 – 10% off
gdbb776 10% off code
command10 10% off any order
cjccoupon – 10% off Coupon
gdz214a 25% off any order
gdz225a 30% off .com renewals
gdz132a 25% off any order
gdbba1550 15% off $50+ order
cjc10OFF 10% off (exp 3/16/11)

Coupons for $ off

cjcfat30 – $5 off $30 (exp 3/31/11)
cjcfat50 – $10 off $50 (exp 3/31/11)
NEW2- $5 off a $30 purchase
cjcdollar – $1 off Coupon

GoDaddy Hosting Coupons
cjcfat199 – $1.99 /mo hosting -3 mo (exp 3/31/11)
IAPth1 – 20% off Hosting

GDBBREN8 -.COM & .NET Renewals $7.99, Private Registration $3.99
gd50bbpd5 -.COM & .NET Renewals $7.99, Private Registration $3.99
GROUCHSSL – $12.99 Standard SSL Certificates

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4 Responses to "Free 2 Year GoDaddy Auctions Membership & 99 cent .ca domains"

  1. Thanks again, going to register some .ca domain names, already have .com but might as well get the .ca!

  2. The Auction not working anymore anything else ?

  3. Not for godaddy at this point I will post more as they come. I do have a post for a free $75 adsense google advertising though:

  4. Here are some godaddy promo codes i know ,
    cjc749chp Register .Com domains for 7.49$ ( this is one of the lowest promo code for .Com domain registration )
    cjcchp10 Save 10% off your order
    cjcchp20 Save 20% off hosting orders
    cjcchp30 Save 5$ off your order 30$ or more
    cjcchp50 Save 10$ off your order 50$ or more
    cjcchp75 Save 15% off your order

    Please share here if you know more ?

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