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Wedding/Engagement Websites


Voltage New Media is proud to announce a new service. We are now catering to brides and grooms who are interested in having a website highlighting their engagement and wedding.

Why should we have a website to highlight our wedding?

A website is a great way to share all the details of not only your relationship but all the details regarding your big day. A wedding website helps keep things simple and saves you time. You can have a online gift registry, online RSVP, a Photo Album where you can post the photos of your big day so all your friends and family can view them in one place!

Another great feature is the blog, you can post details about you preparing for the big day and have people comment or give their opinions on any topics you wish, it’s the best way to keep family or friends who are across the country completely in the loop of the biggest day of your life! Most importantly the website is very easy to manage yourself, if you can send an email you can run this website.

Major Features of the wedding web site:

Homepage – This is the page your guest will see when they first load your site. They are able to RSVP, Register or Login to view the details of your wedding, or you can have your site open to the public.
How we met - Here you can post a detailed story of you two lovebirds.
Photo Album – Of you two! You can also post photos of the wedding here for all to view, quickly and easily.
Wedding Party – You can have a list and photo of each person in your wedding party.
Events – List all the events that lead up to your wedding day or upcoming events.
Registry – Provide information to your guests on where you have registered or have a online registry.
Wedding Details – Use this section to enter your ceremony, reception and honeymoon details.
Guestbook – Your family and friends can sign your online guestbook and leave you with long lasting memories!
Contact Information – Use this section to tell your loved ones how to contact you!

We are looking forward to hearing from you and letting us be apart of your special day!