Why have a website?

Get Found! Why a website is a necessity

Your website is a 24/7, 365 day-a-year gateway to your business.

Over 65% of businesses are found strictly online!
Unlike your business which is open for set hours (generally, unless you’re a 7-11) a website is always up and running providing information to whoever is interested. When searching for business information, the majority of people (over 65%) are turning to Google and searching and emailing rather than looking up companies the old fashioned way, in the Yellow Pages and calling.

Each month, over half a billion potential customers search Google for a local product or service. Did they find you?

Advertising online saves money and has much better potential.

What if I said for each and every dollar you spend advertising in the yellowpages or other print you could have a customer?
If you spend $100 a month on yellow pages etc. you could have 100 potential customers that are wanting the exact services you are offering. It is proven that the Internet is the best way of advertising and you can reach a wider audience with the fastest and most efficient roi (return on investment).
When you advertise in print you are advertising to everyone and anyone, hoping for a bite. When you advertise on the web you are advertising to only the people you want to, down to gender, age, location, household wage, and more importantly specific search terms. You only advertise to those who are looking for your specific services and products, which means they will see and click your ad when they are researching businesses/services in your industry. The best part is you only pay for the people who visit your site/click your ad and this can all be happening while you are out at work or asleep in bed.

A website gives trust and credibility to you and your business.

A website is by far the best way to show off your work, projects or services. Having a website is a professional and visually pleasing way of showing off your hard work. Also a website is a great way for you to speak directly to your current or potential customers, giving them direct advice related to your industry. Doing so lends you and your business credibility, which will definitely be remembered in the future should that said customer need your services or know someone who does. I’m sure we would all be much more inclined to do business with a company that actively shows interest and authority in their respective industry than one that claims to.

A website is extremely cost effective.

At first thought, a website with a great design, domain & hosting costs can seem a bit expensive but, what you get in return easily outweighs the cost of developing it.
• Print, TV, Radio, and other advertising form of media are only effective for the duration they stay up and are upwards of 10x the cost of a website which is up and running 24/7, 365 days a year.
• A website can take the place of most printed literature, saving costs. Instead of printing brochures, photos, or faxing information this can all be on your website for the world to view.
• For many businesses, even a couple of leads generated from a website can easily cover the initial charge of the construction of the site and don’t worry this will happen.
• If your site also sells goods directly, a website can act as a second shop front that never closes, meaning your business could be placing orders for you while you sleep or are on vacation.
• Your website acts like a permanent, never sleeping salesperson for your business intended for your customers. I couldn’t imagine any business owner that wouldn’t want that!?

Save time and money while looking more professional

Instead of emailing photos, information and documents to clients, you can have all of this on your website, including FAQs. You can have your own very attractive gallery on your website that not only looks better but is much faster then emailing photos and its easy for you to update and is interactive for your clients. Having an email address [email protected] is much more professional then [email protected]

Websites have become more accessible then ever.

With the huge popularity of internet friendly hand-held devices as the iPhone, Blackberry or the new popular iPad, accessing websites has gone mobile and thousands of locals are searching on their hand-held devices daily.

Unlike Radio which took 38 years and TV which took 13 years, Word Wide Web (WWW) took only 5 years to reach 50 million users and is growing over 110% each year (and that number keeps going up)

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